What is that dashboard warning light telling me?

When a dashboard warning light comes on, it can be quite disconcerting if you don’t know what it’s telling you. Dashboard warning lights are designed to let you know there is a problem with your vehicle. Some lights indicate a serious problem while others are less critical. The first thing to note is the color of the light that is illuminated. If the light that is on is "red," it indicates a serious problem. You should safely and immediately pull over to the side of the road and call for assistance. If the light is "amber" or "yellow," your vehicle needs attention and it should be scheduled for service/repair as soon as possible. Here is what the critical dashboard warning lights are telling you: Low_Oil_Lamp_RedThe Oil Pressure Light comes on when there is a drop in engine oil pressure. Do not ignore this light. It is not an oil level indicator. It indicates a problem that has the greatest potential for causing serious engine damage. If this light stays on, pull over to a safe location and call for assistance. If you continue to drive, what might be a minor repair issue could become a complete engine replacement.Engine_temperatureThe Engine Temperature Light is another critical warning light. When this light is lit, the engine temperature has exceeded the safe maximum. Unless the temperature drops, major engine damage can result. Pull over to a safe location and seek immediate help. Do NOT attempt to open the radiator cap while the engine is hot.brake-warning-lightIf the Brake Warning Light is illuminated, it is NOT safe to drive your vehicle. Safely pull over to the side of the road. First check to make sure your emergency brake is not engaged. If it isn't, there may be a drop in hydraulic pressure that can result in total brake failure. Call for assistance. For more information on brakes and how to tell if your vehicle needs a brake job, visit the Brake page on our website (Note: this will link to the brake page).If you find yourself in a situation where one of these dashboard warning lights is lit and you have an emergency repair situation, click here to find out how to reach us (Note: This will link to the In Case of Emergency Page).
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