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Smartphone App Makes for Easy Tracking of Gas Mileage and Performance

Have you ever wondered if your car was performing at its optimum? One of the best ways to tell how your vehicle’s engine is performing is by tracking your gas mileage. If you notice you are getting less miles to the tank, it’s a good indication something needs to be tuned up in your vehicle’s engine. This simple Smartphone app makes it simple for you to track your mileage. It can remind you when the oil needs to be changed and the tires rotated. It can even track how much you are spending on gasoline. To learn more about this app, go to: http://appcubby.com/gas-cubby. You can also download it from the iTunes App Store

Spring Car Care Tips

In just a few weeks, the official start of Spring will be here. Will you be getting ready by doing a Spring cleaning around your home? If so, you may also want to consider a little Spring maintenance on your vehicle, especially if you want to make sure it's in good shape for the scenic drives you'll be taking. This checklist is a good start to making sure your car, truck or van is ready for the change of the season. Remove winter tires or rotate all-season radials. Once the weather warms and the threat of snowstorms is over, it’s time to remove and store the winter tires. If you’ve got all-season radials on your vehicle, have them rotated. Replace wiper blades. Winter weather can be harsh on wiper blades. Make sure you can see out your windshield when those Spring rains come by changing the wiper blades. Have the brakes checked. You don’t want to find out your brakes need to be replaced when you need them for stopping. Some warning ... read more

Is Your Car Ready for the Cold Months of Winter?

Winter months mean cold temperatures, rain and snow, all of which can take a toll on your vehicle. Worn batteries, hoses, belts and other components can fail, leaving you stranded on the side of the road. Additionally, driving in wintery conditions can become a lot more frightful if tires or brakes need to be replaced. By making a commitment to preventive maintenance, you can avoid, or at least minimize, the chances of breaking down. Here are a few items to have checked: Wiper Blades & Windshield: Less daylight hours, snow and rainy conditions can hinder visibility making it dangerous to drive. Nothing is worse than driving in a snow storm and finding your wiper blades are worn. Now is a good time to replace those blades. It's also important to take care of any small cracks you may have in your windshield. Changes in temperature can cause a minor ding or crack to become a major crack. Fluids: Checking fluids is the least expensive and easiest wa ... read more

Beware of Extended Warranties

When it comes to financial experts, like Dave Ramsey, they are saying "no" to purchasing Extended Warranties for vehicles. When you compare the price you pay to purchase an extended warranty with how you benefit, it becomes a losing proposition. Many of our customers are experiencing problems with getting help from the Insurance companies. Most needed items are somehow excluded in the fine print. While an extended warranty may sound like a good thing to have when you buy a new car, you'll find it's not. Read more from Dave Ramsey here... Just Say "No" to Extended Warranties

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