7 Ways to "Go Green" with Your Automobile and Save on Gas Mileage

save-on-gas-mileageWe're green in our homes - we recycle, turn off lights, minimize water usage. We're also environmentally-conscious when it comes to our yards and the foods we eat by minimizing the use of toxic chemicals. Did you know there are ways you can "Go Green" with your automobile? The best part of implementing some environmentally-friendly car care practices is the savings you'll see at the pump and in emergency repairs. Here are some steps you can take to "Go Green" and save on gas mileage:
  1. Keep Your Vehicle Properly Tuned - Optimal engine performance relies on regular tune-ups and maintenance. For example, when you change engine air filters, not only do you pollute less, you use less gasoline. By simply changing your car's air filter, you can realize an average of 4% improved gas mileage. Changing spark plugs can also have a tremendous impact on how much fuel you use.
  2. Watch the Way You Drive - Fuel economy has a lot to do with how a person drives. Sudden starts and stops waste more fuel and cause more wear and tear on your vehicle.
  3. Combine Trips - Plan your errands so you are making one trip out instead of several. You'll save on gas and pollute less.
  4. Maintain the Cooling System - The cooling system is designed to keep your engine at an optimal temperature. Anything that causes the engine to run too hot or too cold, affects performance and increases emissions.
  5. Regularly Check Tire Pressure - Under-inflated tires not only causes more wear and tear on your tires, but they add resistence making the engine work harder. Not only do improperly inflated tires increase gasoline expenditures, they can increase the risk of engine damage and pose safety concerns.
  6. Don't Top it Off When Filling - Stop filling when the nozzle shuts off. Topping off the tank releases harmful vapors into the environment and wastes you money.
  7. Fuel System Checks - Regularly replacing the fuel filter and having fuel injectors flushed will give you a "cleaner" ride and will save money at the pump.
There are many more ways you can "Go Green" with your automobile. By making a commitment to regular preventive maintenance, your vehicle will last longer and run the way it should. You'll, in turn, save on your gasoline expeditures and reduce the risk of breakdown. The ASE-certified technicians at Trojan Auto Care are committed to helping you maintain your vehicle so it is safe and reliable for as long as you want to own it. Give us a call at 937-335-CARS (2277) to schedule an appointment of click here to schedule on-line.
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