5 Car Care Tips to Be Ready for Fall Driving

Fall driving poses hazards of its own. Trojan Auto Care can prepare your car for fall and winter driving.Autumn is upon us which means cooler temperatures, less daylight hours, and leaves on the roads. The weather can also be unpredictable now. Each one of these conditions requires extra vigilance when it comes to safe driving. Car care is equally important as we get ready to go into the harsher months of winter. It’s usually a good idea to be prepared. The best place to start your car care in Troy, Ohio, is with a quick and simple driveway inspection. You’ll want to make sure items like your tires are in good condition, fluids are topped up, signal lights and headlights are working, and windshield wipers are functional and provide excellent visibility. When you bring your vehicle in for service, we can also check your belts and hoses to make sure they don’t need to be replaced. It’s certainly no fun to have a belt or hose break during the winter, especially if it happens during a snow storm! In addition to making sure your vehicle is ready for the winter, you should be aware of the potential hazards you might find during these autumn months. Here’s our listing of “5 Ways to Be Ready for Fall Driving:”
  1. Visibility is essential, especially this time of the year. In the morning, be sure all windows are cleared of any frost before getting onto the roads to drive. If you haven’t done so in a while, replace your windshield wiper blades. You should also repair any cracks or dings in your windshield - changes in temperature can make them spread causing you to have to replace your windshield.
  2. Remember the roads on bridges freeze before the remainder of the road. You also want to be cautious about frost that may be on the roads. Be careful when driving down tree-lined streets or anywhere shadows cross dew-laden roadways. Being cautious also means checking your tires. Make sure they have enough tread, are wearing evenly and the tire pressure is accurate. If you notice any signs of excessive tire wear, check with us. We’ll let you know if you should replace those tires and/or if you need a wheel alignment.
  3. Black ice is also a concern this time of year. Because black ice is invisible be careful when driving on roads below overpasses, on bridges, in shaded areas and where water runs across the pavement. To that end, will your brakes be able to help you stop in time? Visit our Brake Repair page to read the signs you may need to have a brake job.
  4. Fog is usually a concern this time of year, particularly in low places or in areas surrounded by trees.
  5. As the leaves begin to fall and homeowners are cleaning their yards, many streets will be covered with leaves. They can be slippery, especially when wet, so hard acceleration, braking or sudden turns should be avoided when driving over leaves. Also be aware of children playing in the area of leaves. They may not be as visible.
As well as taking more care when driving, this time of year is a good time to get your vehicle ready for winter driving. Handling some fundamental auto maintenance now goes a long way toward making sure an automobile is safe to use and dependable for when temperatures drop and severe winter weather strikes. For car care, Troy, Ohio residents turn to Trojan Auto Care. To schedule maintenance or repair service for your vehicle contact Trojan Auto Care at 335-CARS (2277) or click on the “Request Appointment” button.
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